Official Pics: 75324 Dark Trooper Attack

Following the reveal of two new Adult Collector helmets, a third set of the Spring wave got its unofficial reveal when German mono-brand retailer JB Toys posted product images and details of the upcoming 75324 Dark Trooper Attack set today.

The focus of numerous rumors over the last few months, this small playset depicts the fight between Luke Skywalker and the remainder of Moff Gideon’s squad of Dark Troopers which took place in the second season’s eighth episode (Chapter 16: The Rescue) of The Mandalorian.

Included in the set is a new-for-2022 Luke Skywalker minifigure, as well as three Dark Trooper minifigures (previously available in 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser) and an abundance of stickers.

While a March 1st release date, a European price tag of €29.99 (approximately US$35) and a part count of 166 pieces has been made public, the full product description has yet to emerge. With a holding page for the set’s instructions already showing up on, an official listing won’t be far away.

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