75324 Dark Trooper Attack Reviewed

Depicting the less-than-anti-climactic battle at the end of the final episode in The Mandalorian’s second season, this new set – when in the right hands – ticks all the boxes as either a cool display or a fun playset.

Having been happy bedfellows since 1978 when Kenner released the Creature Cantina as an exclusive through Sears, playsets and Star Wars have a long history. While some assembly was required, it is a far cry from the playsets LEGO Star Wars fans have enjoyed since the release of 7121 Naboo Swamp in 1999.

Since this early and rudimentary build, LEGO Star Wars playsets have evolved dramatically and the newest playset – 75324 Dark Trooper Attack – brings the little world in a box up-to-date, and allows young and adult fans to enjoy both the construction aspect and environment of entertainment that it becomes on completion.

75324 Dark Trooper Attack

Celebrate the return of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 with this buildable Dark Trooper Attack playset (75324) for fans aged 8+. It features an authentically detailed recreation of the scene inside the Imperial Light Cruiser where Luke reappeared, with a revolving elevator, rotating battle platform and a sliding ‘Force’ platform to fend off Dark Troopers. There are 4 LEGO® minifigures in the set: a new-for-March-2022 Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber, and 3 Dark Troopers, each with blaster rifles, to inspire fun, creative role play.

    • LEGO® Star Wars™ set for Luke Skywalker vs. Dark Troopers battles – Fans can relive Luke Skywalker’s return in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 with this Dark Troopers Attack (75324) building toy
    • 4 LEGO® minifigures – Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber, and 3 Dark Troopers, each with a blaster rifle, for creative role play
    • Brick-built Imperial Light Cruiser interior scene – A revolving elevator, rotating battle platform for Luke Skywalker and a sliding ‘Force’ platform for him to fend off a Dark Trooper
    • Gift idea for ages 8 and up – Give this 166-piece building toy as a holiday gift, birthday present or fun treat to creative kids who are into Star Wars: The Mandalorian
    • Portable play – The elevator/corridor measures over 4 in. (10 cm) high, 7 in. (18 cm) long and 3.5 in. (9 cm) wide and can fit in a child’s backpack with the LEGO® minifigures for play on the go
    • Digitally enhanced construction – Find instructions in the box and on the LEGO® Building Instructions app, which also has interactive viewing tools to add another dimension to the building experience
    • LEGO® Star Wars™ building toys for all ages – LEGO Star Wars sets let kids (and adult fans) recreate iconic scenes, dream up new stories or simply display the buildable models
    • Premium quality – LEGO® bricks and pieces meet demanding quality standards, ensuring that they connect simply and strongly
    • Safety assurance – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and carefully analyzed to make sure that they comply with strict global safety standards

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Sporting the latest livery that the other sets in The Mandalorian collection have recently enjoyed, the darker, more somber graphics on this box help to instill the urgency of the situation that this playset portrays.

This simple build – with its instruction booklet, two bags of elements and sticker sheet – is quick to assemble and should only set the experienced builder back 20 or 30 minutes to finish. There’s nothing complicated about it and none of the stickers are awkward to place (especially if you add a small squirt of window cleaner to the brick’s surface before you apply the decal).

What you get is a pretty nifty corridor, with a rotating door at one end, two action features to entice small hands to play with the set, a reasonable amount of dressing (both bricks and stickers) to give the hallway an Imperial look and the right selection of minifigures to enjoy some old-fashioned Star Wars melee action.

The four included minifigures – Luke Skywalker in the Jedi Knight outfit he sported in Return of the Jedi and three Dark Troopers – are exactly the ones you’d expect for this set, and need to play out the fight sequence. Sure, there were ten Dark Troopers in the second season finale of The Mandalorian, but you can’t expect LEGO to pack that many minifigures into a small set like this.

As a play environment, it’s pretty limited and is more evocative of the early Hasbro playsets from 1996 than the evolved ones – like 75229 Death Star Escape – that LEGO has released in recent years. It’s three action features – a revolving elevator door, rotating combat base and a sliding platform – might not be enough to excite an adult collector but it’s perfect to encourage the child, which this set is aimed at, to roleplay the action (albeit in a limited sense) that introduced Luke Skywalker to Grogu.

Of course, if you feel you need to increase the size of your dark forces to the screen-seen squad of 10, extend the corridor, and put in a door to the bridge, there’s nothing stopping you from buying another set, as one talented fan did.

Available around the world now, you can pick this set up through LEGO (US$29.99CA$39.99 / UK£24.99DE€29.99 / AU$49.99), Amazon.com, Toys “R” Us (Canada and Australia), Smyths Toys (United Kingdom and Germany), Target (United States and Australia), Walmart, Argos, Mr Toys Toyworld, and Kmart.

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