Dark Forces Deployed: 75324 Minifig Focus

Surrounded by a squad of Dark Troopers, the end of Din Djarin and the capture of Grogu looked to be imminent. As their time together was drawing to a close, a familiar face would make an appearance and save the unlikely duo.

Crowded into a corridor aboard Moff Gideon’s cruiser is the scene where Luke Skywalker comes to the rescue. 75324 Dark Trooper Attack depicts a young Skywalker as he cuts his way through the squad of Dark Troopers. The set gives us a brand new Luke minifig and a cheaper option for the Dark Trooper.

Luke Skywalker

This Jedi Master fought against the Empire in the Galactic Civil War and would become the Rebellion’s hero throughout the Original Trilogy. However, he was also tasked with finding Grogu and resuming his training.

There have been many iterations of Luke Skywalker in LEGO form, but surprisingly there hasn’t been one with a hood for over 20 years! The hood element is the same as was first used on Obi-Wan Kenobi and subsequently molded in black for a few other minifigures. The headprint is the same as has been used on eight other Luke variations.

To represent the black fitted long-sleeve plastron shirt that he wears is a brand new torso print. The torso also captures the black leather belt with a silver weathered octagonal buckle that is a key part of this costume. The leg print is also new and shows off his black flat-front fitted pants. Of course, the minifigure wouldn’t be accurate if it didn’t come with one black hand to match the black glove that Luke wears on his right hand.

Dark Trooper

These large, menacing Troopers were actually advanced combat droids. There were several phases of Dark Troopers in the Star Wars universe, but the ones seen in The Mandalorian were third-generation designs.

After their initial appearance in Season 2 Chapter 12: The Siege, this Trooper was a must have in LEGO form. Their thick-plated armor was black and silver in color which is captured nicely by the unique torso and leg printing for this minifig. Dark Troopers were bulkier than prior droid versions we have seen so using a standard minifigure body made sense.

To get the look of the upper body correct, LEGO turned to using the same shoulder armor as Wrecker has – this time molded in black and printed with a mechanical pattern. The head is also uniquely printed and allows the red photoreceptors to show through the helmet. This Trooper was exclusive to 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser and was fetching nearly $30 prior to the release of this set.

What seemed to be a potentially poor set has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for fans. The Luke is well done, and more Dark Troopers are always welcome! In terms of minifigures this is a solid choice for the price.

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