“Do it!” – More Info On Rumored Rancor Set (UPDATED)

Fresh from the Instagrammer who brought you evidence that LEGO has developed a Force ghost effect, word has emerged that suggests that the brick-built rancor set that has been whispered about for a few months may be a bit more exciting than first thought.

UPDATE: This rumor has been revealed to be fake news by the originator of the story.

According to legohio‘s source, the upcoming Rancor versus Scorponek droid will utilize a “big fig” mold – like the trolls in the Lord of the Rings theme – to represent the newly-arrived juvenile rancor monster that resides under BobaFett’s palace.

The set, taken from the final episode (Chapter 7: In The Name Of Honor) of the first season of The Book of Boba Fett, depicts the face-off between the Pyke’s robotic enforcers and Boba Fett’s newly acquired pet, the young rancor given to him by The Twins.

If this rumor is true we can expect to receive a Boba Fett minifigure, along with – possibly – Din Djarin and a Pyke foot soldier. This is only speculation at this point because the actuality of this report is questionable at best.

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