Is A New Republic Fighter Tank Due In May?

Seemingly inspired by a Hasbro action figure multipack released 15 years ago, the latest LEGO Star Wars rumor, the original report by is suggesting that a new TX-130 Saber-class Republic Fighter Tank is coming in May.

Rumors first started circulating in September 2021 when instagrammer Greekbricks shared word that a new Republic Fighter Tank set – along with a Mace Windu and three 187th Legion clone trooper minifigures – would arrive in 2022.

Since then all has been quiet, until yesterday when brickmehappymty, a LEGO seller who has a residential address in Monterrey- the Mexican city where LEGO has its main production facility for North America – posted images on their Instagram page of three previously unseen clone troopers with purple markings.

Recognizing that the purple markings could be linked to the original Republic Fighter Tank rumour, the team at Promobricks attempted to connect the dots and is putting forward this set will be linked to 75342 and be priced at $39.99.

Despite never having appeared in The Clone Wars animated series or any of the tie-in comics or novels, Hasbro was given the go-ahead to produce Mace Windu’s Attack Battallion [sic] Battle Pack (hence the purple color markings on their armor) of five repainted 3-3/4″ scale action figures in 2007, and as such the 187th Legion, as they were also known, remain part of Legends.

Why this unlikely source of inspiration would catch the eye of the LEGO design team – and make it through the approvals process – is a question LEGO Star Wars fans are sure to want answered. Is this rumor destined to be put in the same box with the more fanciful pieces of hearsay that the LEGO Star Wars community likes to fixate on? Only an official statement from LEGO will prove or repudiate this latest piece of improbable gossip.

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