LEGO Star Wars Trading Cards Series 3 Update

Last month we shared the first news concerning Series 3 of the LEGO Star Wars trading cards, and now we’ve got some updates regarding the series.

Just as predicted Series 3 will consist of 222 cards which is in-between what Series 1 and 2 had. As before there are a variety of card types as below. Styles will include character cards, vehicle cards, comic cards, ultra duel double cards, and all-new art cards and set cards.

  • 176 Standard cards
  • 32 Holo cards
  • 10 Ultrafoil cards
  • 4 Gold cards

Additionally there will 30 limited edition cards and 3 XXL cards which is more than the prior two series. These cards will be included with future releases of the LEGO magazine which means the series will likely not be able to be completed for a couple of years. What is even more interesting is that this timeline suggests that another series is unlikely anytime before 2024. Once we have more details on the distribution schedule we will be sure to let you know!

Blue Ocean has shared with The Holo-Brick Archives that Series 3 with be released in the following markets: Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Poland, Spain, France, and Hungary. This is similar to the two prior series which means much of Europe will have a chance at the cards. However, what about the UK?

Blue Ocean does not have the distribution rights in the UK, so we reached out to Immediate Media, the publisher of the UK version of the LSW magazine, to find out if an English set of cards was set to be released. Unfortunately the answer was no. This means that anyone looking to expand their collection will have to turn towards another language version.

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