Squad Alert: The Minifigs From 75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack

If your Imperial troopers aren’t ready to stomp around in an All-Terrain Armored Transport or an All-Terrain Scout Transport then maybe riding on an Imperial speeder bike or hunkering down behind an E-Web heavy repeating blaster is more their style.

With 75313 AT-AT and 75322 Hoth AT-ST behind us, the next set in the Hoth lineup is 75320 Hoth Battle Pack. Not only did this set bring back the battle pack, but it also gives us a brand new minifigure and three more troopers for our armies.

Hoth Scout Trooper

Just as with other specialized variants that we have seen, Hoth Scout Troopers were equipped for their environment. Sometimes referred to as Snow Scouts, these troopers were ready to take on the Rebel Alliance.

Whether considered a variant of the Scout Trooper or of the Snowtrooper, these troopers wore modified armor compared to either of the other subsets. The Hoth Scout had a modified Scout Trooper helmet with polarized snow goggles which would help with the glare from the snow. They also had additional joint armor and wore insulated snow pants instead of the traditional black bodysuit. Interestingly they also had special backpacks that could be plugged into the speeder bike’s heating system to help them stay warm while out on patrol.

This minifigure comes with all-new torso and leg prints to represent the unique armor described above. The helmet is the same dual-molded piece that has been included with the two most recent versions of the Scout Trooper, and the head is the same as the female AT-AT Driver included in set 75313. She comes equipped with a standard-issue blaster pistol.


Although officially called Cold Weather Assault Stormtroopers, these specially trained troopers are more commonly known as Snowtroopers, a name coined in the vintage Kenner era of Star Wars play.

Everything about a snowtrooper’s armor has been designed to fit the environment. From an insulated suit to a heated helmet these troopers are ready to withstand the cold.

The outward appearance of the Snowtrooper has been the same since 2019. Having appeared in numerous Hoth-based sets the design has been well utilized over the past couple of years.

Their insulated belt kama is printed onto the legs, and the battery that powers the warmers is printed on the reverse of the torso. Each trooper comes with a different head under the helmet.

All three of these troopers were included in 75313 AT-AT which means that for minifigure collectors this battle pack is a cheaper way to pick up these characters. It is likely that the Hoth excitement will die down after this wave so be sure to build your army and fill your AT-AT while you can!

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