Taking It To The Trenches: 40557 Defense Of Hoth Minifig Focus

Making history as the first blister pack of the Star Wars theme is 40557 Defense of Hoth. In order to fight the Imperial forces found in 75313 AT-AT and 75320 Hoth Battle Pack, new Rebel Troopers had to join in! Coming with three unique minifigures as well as some armaments, this pack is an obvious choice for collectors and army builders alike.

We covered another new Hoth Rebel Trooper variant in our 75322 Hoth AT-ST minifigure focus, but LEGO has put out three more new versions for fans to enjoy as they fight against the Empire. As previously mentioned, the Rebel Troopers outside of the base differed slightly in their uniform from the ones fighting in the trenches.

Hoth Rebel Trooper(s)

Although Rebel troopers come fitted with various styles and equipment to match their environments, these front-line soldiers of the Rebel Alliance stood their ground on the ice planet of Hoth.

This first Rebel is wearing plain white pants and a dark tan backpack vest over a white jacket. He comes with a classic helmet and white goggles.

The torso print is the same as his female counterpart in the above-mentioned set, and he borrows the head used by a variety of minifigures including Kaz Xiono (sw1012). Unlike his colleagues, this trooper is not supplied with a cold-weather backpack.

The other two Hoth Troopers come with a brand new torso and leg print which shows off the mostly white uniform of those who fought in the trenches.

Complete with an ID badge and utility vest printing as well as tan scarf detailing, it is a slightly modified print from prior versions. The female head is the same as the other Imperial females we have seen recently while the male head comes from the Super Hero theme. Both of them come with the same helmet and goggles to complete the look.

With the Hoth interest likely dying down, it may be awhile before we get more Hoth Troopers so be sure to build up your Rebel forces while you can!

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