A Long Time Ago, In A Closet Far, Far Away…

If you were ever lucky enough to attend the LEGO history museum at the company’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark you might have been treated to a visit to The Vault, a secret underground room that (at one time) contained every LEGO set made.

As interest in LEGO’s legacy has grown over the years, interactive displays – such as LEGO House – have become more common, but some things are still kept hidden away from the public. Until now, because LEGO has just revealed their secret Star Wars showcase via their Instagram page.

Tucked away in the LEGO Idea House – the original Billund home of Ole Kirk Christiansen – on the LEGO campus in Billund is this seemingly innocuous (if it wasn’t for the label on the door) broom cupboard that houses a selection of LEGO Star Wars sets, presumably waiting for visiting dignitaries and very special AFOLs to experience.

The collection of sets, which were chosen by LEGO designers, are held in specially fabricated shelves that are reminiscent of an Imperial Star Destroyer’s bridge. There’s plenty of space still to be filled, so expect the display to be refreshed periodically.

There are no teases or surprises in the video, so if you were hoping to catch a blurry glimpse of one of the Summer wave sets – which are rumored to be part of the retail selection at the LEGO footprint during next week’s Star Wars Celebration Anaheim – then you’re going to go away disappointed.

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