Life Below Stairs: Aunt Beru Lars Minifig Focus

Was it that her time spent in the kitchen helped her perfect her prize-winning blue milk cheese or that the kitchen helped her get away from the forgotten dream of opening her own business? Either way, it seems that Beru Lars is in her happy place, which is captured in 40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen.

The set appropriately includes Aunt Beru who is an all-new minifigure for 2022!

Beru Whitesun Lars

Although we don’t know much about Aunt Beru, we do know that she stood at Uncle Owen’s side and took care of the Lars family homestead while helping to raise young Luke Skywalker.

As a character that appeared briefly in A New Hope and later showed up in the Prequel Trilogy, she didn’t fit well into any previously designed set which is why it took over 15 years for her to join her husband!

In Episode IV she is seen wearing a jean jacket over a brown dress with a collared shirt underneath. This is represented by a unique torso print and a plain medium nougat skirt element. She uses the same dual-sided head print as several Harry Potter minifigures and comes with the same hairpiece as Luke molded in dark tan.

There have been mixed emotions over this gift-with-purchase, but for minifig collectors, it opens up new possibilities. Including more obscure characters in smaller promotional sets may be the key to rounding out some fans’ wanted lists.

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