The Escapologists: 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor Minifigures

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are tasked with saving the Princess who has been locked up aboard the Death Star. After exchanging some quick insults, it’s time to escape before more Imperials are sent to capture them. Their hasty departure finds them trapped in the trash compactor amongst an unmentionable amount of scraps and sludge.

Although there is no Dianoga included, this set features a total of six minifigures four of which are brand new designs. Let’s break each one down so we can see what LEGO has been up to.


He is C-3PO, human cyborg relations. Fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, he not only helps the Skywalker family throughout their years but also finds himself immersed in some of the most important moments of history in a galaxy far, far away.

With his numerous appearances, this protocol droid has had many opportunities to make it into sets. In fact, he has been included in at least two dozen sets and numerous watches and books. His look has remained the same since 2016, but that has now changed!

This new version has ramped up the printing to a level not seen since 2015. That’s because this is the first C-3PO to come with arm printing since the red arm polybag. It has updated torso and hip printing and is also the first version to come with toe printing. However, unlike the polybag version, it does not come with leg printing on the sides.


This 200-year-old Wookiee warrior/smuggler/co-pilot/resistance fighter was Han Solo’s loyal companion and stood by his side throughout the adventures of the Original and Sequel Trilogies.

As we previously mentioned in his Mini Steps feature, the most common version of the Chewbacca minifigure has been in use since 2014 and has appeared in 13 retail sets. Well, make that 14 retail sets now!

Chewbacca, who stood at 7.5 feet tall, towered above the rest of the main characters from the Original Trilogy. In order to capture this height difference, LEGO uses a modified head sculpt in the sandwich board style with fur texture and distinctive facial features. Chewie is printed with lighter-colored fur on his legs and face and wears his bandolier across his torso.

Han Solo

Han Solo was a Corellian smuggler who had his start in the Empire which is where he met Chewbacca. After being employed by Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to transport them, he found himself mixed in with the Rebellion.

Behind Luke Skywalker, Han is the second most abundant LEGO Star Wars character in terms of number of unique variants. From young to old, brown pants to blue pants, and Mudtrooper to Stormtrooper we’ve seen them all. The last Stormtrooper Han came in 2017 with the release of the Celebration exclusive Detention Block Rescue.

Compared to that version, his armor has underwent quite a few changes. First off a Stormtrooper minifig has not had white hips since 2005. Furthermore both the torso print and leg detailing have been changed with the torso changes being more significant. He uses the same hair and dual-sided head that have been included on Han variants since 2014.

Luke Skywalker

This Jedi Master fought against the Empire in the Galactic Civil War and would become the Rebellion’s hero throughout the Original Trilogy. He’s a little short for a Stormtrooper, but he dons the armor regardless.

Luke Skywalker has appeared in many different costumes and as a result of his presence throughout the Original Trilogy as well as the Sequel Trilogy, he has become the most numerous LEGO Star Wars minifigure with over 50 unique variants.

Luke also got the same upgraded Stormtrooper armor as Han Solo above. He comes with the same head print as several other Lukes and was given a dark tan hairpiece similar to other non-Tatooine versions.

Princess Leia

Leia Skywalker Organa Solo – Luke’s sister, the heir to the Alderaanian monarchy had it not been blasted by the Death Star, and Han’s future wife – is the reason that they’ve all found themselves in a trash compactor to begin with!

Princess Leia has had numerous iterations over the years with several key changes throughout this time. The version included in this set is the same as the one found in 75229 Death Star Escape.

She continues with the updated bun hairpiece that was introduced in 2011. Her face print is dual-sided with a crooked smile on one side and a gritted teeth pattern on the reverse which has been used on two versions of Princess Leia and three Captain Marvel minifigs. The torso has a detailed belt pattern and texture lines of her white robes. For this set she has been given standard minifigure legs instead of the skirt element that other versions have come with.


The most well-known astromech from the galaxy far, far away is R2-D2, and this spunky droid has made appearances in all nine films of the Skywalker Saga as well as showed up in a variety of other films and animated series.

As the name suggests, R2-D2 was one of the R2-series of astromech droids which were known for their variable programming and distinctive domed head. Although not considered a minifigure by LEGO, this droid was one of the first to get the Mini Steps treatment.

Since 1999 the design of the astromech droid has essentially been unchanged. However, R2 has undergone several stages of upgrades over the course of 20+ years. In our last Minifig Focus for 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training, we noted that the R2 included in that set marked the next major stage in his evolution with it being the first to feature printing on the back of the body. This one is identical to the one found in 75330 sans mud splatters.

It’s been reported that LEGO said not to expect this level of detail in all minifigures moving forward, but a collector can dream! With four brand new minifigures and two repeats, it is a worthwhile purchase although the price point may still be a little high.

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