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For most fans, a set provided by LEGO is never more than an out-of-the-box build, but for some, they are invitations to modify and rebuild in their own vision. And that’s exactly what building with LEGO is supposed to be about and so to help remind us all to rebuild the world, LEGO sent four passionate creators – including André Pinto (aka @brickthebrick) from Portugal – a selection of LEGO Star Wars helmets and make them their own.

The only restrictions that were placed on André were he couldn’t redesign the basic structure or shape of the product, he could adapt the color and elements to make it his own, he wasn’t encouraged to use custom stickers, asked to aim toward the AFOL audience, avoid other third-party IPs, and – most importantly – stay within the LEGO brand value.

Upon receiving 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet he got to work with his adaptation of the bucket worn by the TV show’s titular character, eventually settling on a rainbow design.

Opting to replace the light gray elements that LEGO designer Michael Lee Stockwell used in his original design, André used vertical layers of red, orange, bright green, blue violet, and dark purple pieces for the shell and faceplate while keeping the black and flat silver color tiles that frame the cheeks and visor.

The finished product is quite brilliant!

Inspired by the universal popularity of The Mandalorian which, like the rainbow itself, has aspects that appeal to people from all walks of life, André says that fans are free to think what they want of his work – so if you apply any kind of connection to this very special custom, just remember that every way is awesome.

Like what you see? André is selling the parts list and instructions for his mod for €8.00 (bricks not included).

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