LEGO Star Wars Magazine #85 Hits Shelves Today

Strong with the dark side of the Force is the new issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine, which comes with a seriously cool Darth Maul minifigure, this month. You won’t find a better minifigure between here and the outer rim!

The Sith assault keeps coming in the main comic, where Kylo Ren is on a mission to design the ultimate rebel-beating machine. Elsewhere, the issue is full of puzzles, posters, activities and even the chance to win two awesome LEGO Star Wars sets.

All this and more in the brand-new issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine, priced £4.25, at newsagents and supermarkets in the United Kingdom now. Collectors outside of the United Kingdom can get theirs through for a slight premium, plus the extra cost of postage.

The next issue will be out on August 17th, and will include a Mandalorian Warrior minifigure.

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