Slippery When Wet: Winter/Spring 2023 Set List Leak

The spray kicked up by the Summer wave has barely settled and the next set of rumored sets are already circulating on social media, thanks to German-language site, who have shared an extensive list of what is coming out – along with prices in Euros – in the first four or five months of 2023.

Expected to be released as part of the Winter wave (late December in North America and early January in the rest of the world), are three sets that are sure to put smiles on a lot of faces:

  • 75344 Boba Fett’s Starship Microfighter
  • 75345 501st Battle Pack
  • 75347 TIE Bomber

Two sets – 75346 and 75348 – tied to The Mandalorian are also included in the list, but with an unconfirmed February premiere for season three, it’s not certain whether these will be in the Winter or Spring assortment, but a Winter release is the likeliest due to their numbers fitting in with the others.

The Spring wave, which comes out at the start of March, typically includes a few smaller sets and the more adult-orientated additions to the LEGO Star Wars theme:

  • 75349 Captain Rex (Phase 2) Helmet
  • 75350 Commander Cody (Phase 1) Helmet
  • 75352 Death Star Throne Room Diorama
  • 75353 Endor Speeder Bike Chase Diorama

Typically, the first weekend of May – dubbed May The 4th Be With You – sees a number of Star Wars sets being released to capitalize on the global retail event that May 4th has grown into over the last dozen years, and this 2023 is no different.

  • 40591 May the 4th GWP
  • 75355 unknown UCS set

Finally, there are a few outliers being included in the most recent rumor list:

  • 75356 retailer-exclusive helmet
  • 40615 unknown BrickHeadz
  • 75351 unknown set
  • 75354 unknown set

From past experience, LEGO has retained one of their Sculpture subtheme releases as a direct-2-consumer exclusive, so this is likely to account for 75356, and it is possible that the unknown 75351 and 75354 set numbers could be the smaller sets that usually come out in the Spring wave. Given that their numbers fit around those alleged to be part of the Spring wave, this is very likely.

Finally, the rumored BrickHeadz set; these seemingly pop up at random times throughout the year so it’s difficult to determine when we will see it, and with so much new content being created for Disney+, it’s anyone’s guess what character it is.

As confident as we are, we have to remind you that these are only very early rumors and as such, we won’t be including them in our database until corroborating evidence emerges.

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