Summer Wave 2022 Reviews TL:DR? Here’s Our Recap!

Not every reader is a completist, is interested in every set that comes out, or can even afford them all, so we’ve collected all our reviews into one handy digest to help you decide what to add to your collection.

In order from best to worst, here’s a summary of all the sets that came out this summer.

The best of the bunch is 75338 Ambush on Ferrix, the first set from the upcoming live-action Andor series on Disney+ which starts streaming at the end of September. Though we haven’t published our review yet, we don’t know anything about the chase scene that it captures, nor have any details on the speeder or Mobile Tac-Pod shuttle, we’re confident that this is not only the best set of the Summer wave, but will prove to be the pick of 2022. The assortment of minifigures, the quality of the shuttle’s design, and the enjoyable build that’s got some fantastic techniques.

Grab it now – before it gets snapped up when Andor airs – at LEGO (US$69.99 / CA$89.99 / UK£69.99 / DE€79.99 / AU$129.99),, and Toys “R” Us Canada.

Everybody loves droids – whether they roll, walk or hover – and BD-1 doesn’t lack for fans. Building on the growing Sculptures subtheme, LEGO have added 75335 BD-1 to the line-up. While this bipedal character might not be instantly recognizable to anyone who hasn’t played the Jedi: Fallen Order video game, this set is definitely worth looking into. Coming in second place, this set is a brilliant build that uses a great combination of techniques, elements and colors that delivers a solid model of Cal Kestis’s sidekick. that only lacks for three points of articulation.

This set is available from LEGO for US$99.99 / CA$129.99 / UK£89.99 / DE€99.99 / AU$159.99, as well as at general retailers like Walmart and Target in the United States, Toys “R” Us CanadaSmyths ToysThe Entertainer and Argos in the United Kingdom, and Smyths Toys in Germany.

Sharing second place on the Summer wave podium is 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe, the black spaceship with the shear-like bow that screams “run, run away now!” Capturing the shape perfectly, this set uses some very interesting building techniques to ensure the lines and facets of this stealthy vessel are well replicated without dropping an interior space. Included in this set is an awesome selection of minifigures that only lacks for a young Princess Leia. It’s a small price to pay for this well-priced set though.

Available through LEGO for US$99.99 / CA$129.99 / UK£89.99 / DE€99.99 / AU$159.99, you can also purchase this set at Target (United States and Australia), WalmartBigW, Toys “R” Us (Australia and Canada), as well as Smyths Toys (United Kingdom and Germany) and Argos.

In third place and marking the 20th anniversary of the release of Attack of the Clones – just like it was the premiere set in the tie-in line-up back in 2002 – is 75333 Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter, which not only delivered Obi-Wan Kenobi to Kamino. Whether you’re an Obi-Wan fan, a connoisseur of minifigures or a completist – this set is a must-have. New building techniques mean that it’s less flimsy than previous versions and there’s finally somewhere to store the astromech unit. All three minifigures are unique to this set, which – finally – includes master cloner Taun We.

Globally available at (US$29.99 / CA$39.99 / UK£29.99 / DE€34.99 / AU$49.99) as well as Target in the United States and AustraliaWalmart, Toys “R” Us (Australia and Canada), Argos, and Smyths Toys (in Germany and the United Kingdom).

Coming in a close fourth, and only because it’s a re-release of three older sets, is 75337 AT-TE Walker, the six-legged multi-purpose troop transport that LEGO couldn’t make enough of. Combining an iconic vehicle in a fun build, with a selection of popular minifigures that included a new Phase 2 Commander Cody, at a reasonable price, sales on this set were only outclassed by its general popularity. Plagued by global distribution issues, it has become the must-get set of 2022.

Currently out of stock on in the United StatesCanada,  United KingdomEuropeSouth Africa, the Middle EastSouth East Asia and Australia/New Zealand, you should look to Argos (UK), Smyths Toys (United Kingdom and Germany), Target AustraliaKmart, or instead.

Getting a limited early release at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April, 40547 BrickHeadz Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader was nonetheless part of the Summer wave, but never received the full attention it deserved. Coming out ahead of the Obi-Wan Kenobi live-action series, the set’s title tactically used “&” instead of “vs” so as not to give away the showdown(s). When reviewing this set it’s hard to go into building techniques and style formats because the subtheme doesn’t really lend itself to in-depth commentary, but with this being the first Obi-Wan in BrickHeadz form, and because it contained a new Darth Vader, the set sold itself – and rightly so.

The set is now exclusively available through LEGO for US$19.99 / CA$24.99 / UK£17.99 / DE€19.99 / AU$29.99 so don’t look for it anywhere else.

The outlier of the Summer wave was 75332 AT-ST, a set aimed at young children instead of teenagers (and older) that the rest of the assortment was intended for. Normally released in the Winter wave to grab the attention of young builders, it’s inclusion in the mid-year assortment was an odd placement. Included with the junioized, and admittedly cool, AT-ST is a small treehouse and speederbike, along with four minifigures. Regardless of your age or collecting interest, it is an expensive set – even in this age of higher prices – for what it includes, especially since it’s meant for kids.

If this set appeals to you then head to (US$34.99 / CA$44.99 / UKP29.99 / DEE34.99 / AU$49.99), Target in the United States and AustraliaWalmartBigW, Smyths Toys (Germany and United Kingdom), ArgosThe Entertainer and Toys “R” Us Canada now.

The second set to be released from the new Obi-Wan Kenobi live-action series was 75334 Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader, representing the quarry where Master and apprentice went blade to blade on Mapuzo. Regardless of the lumpy base, which took the brunt of criticism in our review, it is a fun build with a fair amount of detail that is packed with four cool minifigures. That said, it does lack in tangible play features, and as a result, is a confusing cross between a playset and diorama.

You can get this set at (US$49.99 / CA$49.99 / UK£44.99 / DE€49.99 / AU$79.99), WalmartTarget (United States), BigW, Toys “R” Us (Australia and Canada), and Smyths Toys (Germany and United Kingdom).

Coming in last – and by a huge margin – is 75323 The Justifier. Described as “exciting as a flat iron” in our review, this sticker-heavy, gray lump does a good job of replicating Cad bane’s personal starship, which is a pretty dull design to begin with so LEGO isn’t entirely to blame. The swing-arm rear thruster, which raises and lowers the landing gear, is the best of a list of features that includes a rear ramp, a cockpit with a prison cell behind it, storage in the wings and spring-loaded missiles. The set includes four minifigures – two are rereleases, one is an update and the other is all-new and the selling point for the set.

Available at (US$169.99 / CA$209.99 / UK£149.99 / DE€169.99 / AU$259.99), Target.comWalmart, Toys “R” Us (Australia and Canada), KmartThe Entertainer, and Smyths Toys (United Kingdom and Germany) now.

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