US/CA News: Pre-Order 75337 AT-TE Walker Now

With fans in the United States and Canada facing an uncertain delay in the arrival of 75337 AT-TE Walker after it failed to appear in the Summer wave in North America, LEGO Star Wars collectors have been turning to secondary market suppliers or reaching out to contacts living overseas to secure theirs – at great cost.

However, Entertainment Earth is offering the set for pre-order at $139.99 to customers in the United States and Canada, and has indicated that it will be available sometime in September!

What’s more, the set will ship for free to customers in the US using SUNFREE22 at checkout, and Entertainment Earth’s mint condition guarantee means that your set will be packaged properly and not left loose in an oversized shipping carton.

Those wishing to use their LEGO VIP points will have to wait until the day of release and order theirs from Target, who is currently running a trial LEGO VIP cross-over program, or direct from and hope that the set doesn’t immediately go out of stock like it did in Europe, and elsewhere in the world, on August 1st when it first got released.

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Entertainment Earth

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