More LEGO Star Wars 2023 Rumors

With the January 1st releases behind us, the focus moves on to the rest of the year’s expected sets. Some new rumors have cropped up which have added some excitement for Original Trilogy fans.

Although it has been rumored for awhile now that there will be a total of four helmets this year, only two of them have been identified: Commander Cody and Captain Rex. Updated rumors from Instagram suggest that a Endor Rebel helmet from Return on the Jedi will be one of the unknowns while a Boushh Leia or Kylo Ren will take the final slot.

The second new rumor concerns one of the upcoming Diorama sets. Two sets in the Diorama style were slated for later this year. The previous rumor was that one would be a Death Star II Throne Room and the other would be an Endor Speeder Bike Chase seen. The latter made sense as it aligns with the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi and fits with other expected Episode VI sets that are predicted for the year. The former, however, was not highly anticipated. Well, good news! The new rumor suggests a Jabba’s Throne Room set and has been assigned number 75354.

These new rumors bring more excitement for the coming months. Keep checking back as time goes on to see what new information comes along!

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