75331 The Razor Crest – I Gotta Get One Of Those

When it was first announced we were beyond excited to build and review the UCS Razor Crest having already been released in System scale, as a Microfighter, and in micro/mini scale. The Razor Crest was used as a military patrol craft before the rise of the Galactic empire, making her hard to trace. This M-111 Assault ship comes in at 80ft long, 54ft wide and 28ft tall making even the film prop a massive undertaking to move.

The Razor Crest is based on the A-10 thunderbolt which is also a twin-turbofan flying craft commonly nicknamed the “warthog.” This beastly LEGO set features two MK3e/W heavy laser canons and can take a beating given the Razor Crest survived two heavy landings and continued its faithful service to the bounty hunting Mandalorian Din Djarin.

75331 The Razor Crest

Imagine life as a galactic bounty hunter as you build and display a LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series version of The Razor Crest (75331) starship. Measuring over 28 in. (72 cm) long, it is packed with authentic details that reference memorable Star Wars: The Mandalorian moments. The top of the starship and its huge engines lift off for easy viewing of the detailed interior, and the cockpit is removable for access to the sleeping quarters. It has side hatches and a cargo compartment with a weapons cabinet, a minifigure-size carbon-freezing chamber and more, plus a detachable escape pod. The set also includes a display stand for the new-for-October-2022 The Mandalorian, The Mythrol and Kuiil LEGO Star Wars minifigures, a Grogu LEGO figure in a pram, and a new-for-October-2022 buildable Blurrg LEGO figure. This collectible LEGO Star Wars set for adults makes a magnificent gift for Star Wars connoisseurs or any advanced LEGO builder.

    • The Mandalorian’s armored transport shuttle – Recall memorable Star Wars: The Mandalorian scenes with this LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series build-and-display model of The Razor Crest (75331)
    • 5 Star Wars™ characters – The Mandalorian, The Mythrol and Kuiil LEGO® minifigures, a Grogu LEGO figure in a pram, and a buildable Blurrg LEGO figure to fit inside The Razor Crest’s cargo compartment
    • Easy-access, detailed interior – Removable engines and cockpit, 2 side hatches and a cargo compartment with space for the Blurrg, a weapons cabinet and LEGO® minifigure-size carbon-freezing chamber
    • Detachable escape pod – The escape pod has space inside for a minifigure. Display the LEGO® minifigures and figures on the stand next to the plaque, which shows the vital facts about The Razor Crest
    • Gift idea – Treat yourself or give this 6,186-piece set as a birthday present or holiday gift to another Star Wars: The Mandalorian fan, advanced LEGO® builder or collector of LEGO Star Wars™ UCS sets
    • Brick-built centerpiece – This Star Wars™ starship measures over 9 in. (24 cm) high, 28 in. (72 cm) long and 19.5 in. (50 cm) wide
    • Illustrated instructions – Step-by-step instructions are included so you can take your time and tackle this complex building challenge with confidence
    • From a galaxy far, far away to your home – Collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ sets for adults are designed for people like you who enjoy fun DIY activities to relax in a mindful and creative way
    • High quality – LEGO® building bricks meet stringent industry standards, ensuring that they connect simply and strongly for robust builds
    • Safety assurance – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and carefully analyzed to make sure that they comply with strict global safety standards

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When it comes to the overall build we start with an elaborate technic frame so that we can hoist the beastly 14 stud-wide turbo-fans that power this ST-70 class ship. You’ll have to use your own Ugnaught ingenuity to make some of these panels sit just right, however this incredible set doesn’t hold back. The way some of the panels sit is truly something to aspire to, using advanced techniques to get all the angles just right. The main side decal being brick built and the set features surprisingly small amount of stickers, 19 stickers in total including the UCS plaque.

The set’s massive twin turbines can be removed to see the interior which features several bounties who are being brought in “cold” and Boba Fett’s armour. The onboard carbonite freezing chamber features two stickered panels with frozen bounties ready to be brought back to Greef Karga on Nevarro.

The port, starboard and stern doors all lower into ramps similar to the onscreen appearance of this monstrosity. The back of the cockpit lifts out to reveal the bedroom where Pedro Pascal practices his Mandalorian voice. There was no room to include the vac-tube which is unfortunate because a fledgling Mythrol may need to evacuate their thorax while aboard. In total seven pieces of the ship are removable leading to a rather humourous picture of all the layers laying around as if the Jawas had ransacked her once again.

The set also includes the ball lever that Grogu is obsessed with playing with despite being told repeatedly that it is not a toy and the eggs that he snacks on. The eggs are in white when a Flame Yellowish Orange (Bricklink: Bright Light Orange) piece would have made a better fit colour wise.

Overall this set is truly something to behold both in terms of the size and intricacy. The price tag is nothing to scoff at, but any true Mandalorian fan knows that a camtono of credits is a small price to pay for a bounty hunter’s home and ticket to the stars. Unfortunately this may be the last version of this ship released by LEGO as Robert Rodriguez and Jon Favreau decided to blow the poor thing up.

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