Online Aggregator Reveals 75313 UCS AT-AT Details

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor because it looks like the rumors of an Ultimate Collector Series AT-AT, which have been circulating since January, took a lurching step towards credibility with the addition of this alleged set to, a price comparison/retail aggregator site.

This mysterious set number has been listed under the Star Wars theme’s section on the database for a number of months, adding credibility that – at the very least – a set numbered 75313 will be released with Star Wars packaging at some point this year. What the Brickset entry does lack, however, is the set’s name, part count and price point.

While neither are not nearly as authentic a source as – who has nothing to show for the 75313 set number – BrickCatch did have accurate pricing and part counts for the 75309 Republic Gunship (which is due to enter the Ultimate Collector Series subtheme on August 1st, 2021) a week before the Youtube announcement, where the set made its official debut last week.

As all of this information has been floating around prior to last Christmas, it is possible that BrickCatch has simply added conjectured data without any clarification or confirmation.

And while the rumor mill is usually very good at grinding salt, it has been particularly accurate this year and has successfully predicted every set – with only two false leads (75303 and an updated 10143 Death Star II) so far – and the persistence of the UCS AT-AT rumor has been more consistent than any other. Could this just be wishful thinking?

To date, LEGO has avoided producing a large-scale ImperialWalker model because of stability issues, Jens Kronvold Frederiksen informed The Holo-Brick Archives.

One thing is for certain, LEGO has had a more adult-driven release calendar this year: the traditional Christmas-orientated Winter wave was smaller than usual, there were fewer pocket money sets (and no battle packs), a fully 18+ aligned Springwave/MT4BWY assortment, a modest Summer wave that has more appeal to older denarians and younger vicenarians, and the early release of a boa fide UCS set leaves the Sept/October high-end window open.

Could the inexpensive start to the year have been a way for LEGO to keep the balance for the release of a very large set late in the year? Share your thoughts with other THBA readers in the comments section below.

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