LEGO Star Wars Battles Returns

Even though it was mysteriously mothballed in July, LEGO Star Wars Battles is back and is being re-launched as an Apple Arcade exclusive. Announcing the relaunch on Monday, other than “coming soon” Tt Games Brighton didn’t give any indication of when the title would be adopted into the Apple subscription service.

Posted earlier today on, which has removed older content concerning LEGO Star Wars Battles from the website, its launch has been heralded by Warner Bros. Games, The LEGO Group, and Lucasfilm Games as a “new” strategy game in a press release.


New Strategy Game Combines LEGO® Star Wars™ Characters and Locations with Fast-Paced, Competitive Matches

Burbank, Calif. – August 30, 2021 – Warner Bros. Games, The LEGO Group and Lucasfilm Games today announced LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles, a new, action strategy game, is coming soon exclusively to Apple Arcade, Apple’s popular game subscription service that offers unlimited access all without ads or in-app purchases. The game blends iconic LEGO® Star Wars™ characters, vehicles, and locations with real-time, one-versus-one multiplayer battles.

Developed by TT Games Brighton and published by Warner Bros. Games, LEGO Star Wars Battles allows players to mix and match characters and vehicles from all eras of the Star Wars galaxy to create unstoppable squads. Strategy is required to deploy troops and build LEGO towers on the battlefield as they attempt to destroy their opponent’s base. Players will master both sides of the Force with a deck of light side and dark side armies, each with their own play style.

“Our team has been working to bring mobile players a new and wholly original LEGO Star Wars experience, exclusively on Apple Arcade,” said Jason Avent, Studio Head, TT Games Brighton. “LEGO Star Wars Battles blends real-time multiplayer matches, striking visuals and the charm of LEGO Star Wars in fun, fast-paced gameplay.”

Featuring characters and locales from all Star Wars eras, including Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™, and Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, players can collect iconic heroes and villains such as Luke Skywalker™, Rey™, Obi-Wan Kenobi™, Boba Fett™, and Darth Vader™, along with characters such as porgs, stormtroopers, battle droids, and a variety of vehicles from AT-ATs to TIE bombers, and even the Millennium Falcon. As players progress and level up, they will unlock different arenas based on familiar Star Wars locales, including Scarif, Naboo, Hoth, Endor, Geonosis, and more.

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Playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, the game will be available exclusively on Apple Arcade for a low monthly subscription of $4.99 with a one-month free trial. Apple Arcade is also part of Apple One’s Individual ($14.95), Family ($19.95), and Premier ($29.95) monthly plans, with a one-month free trial.*

Again, there is no word of the game on the developer’s own website, Twitter feed or Facebook page, and there is no indication whether players who bought the game via the App Store last year will have any of their in-game currency restored to their accounts.

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