Are There New 18+ Sets Coming In 2022?

While the Ultimate Collector Series subtheme was intended to be for more advanced builders from its inception, LEGO didn’t specifically target adults until last year. From booklets mailed to fans to official videos stating “Adults Welcome,” it was clear that LEGO was embracing this portion of its market.

Five sets were added to the new Adult Collector/18+ subtheme in 2020 with four more added so far this year. Following the rumor about a Luke Skywalker lightsaber coming later this year, it is looking like a fifth will be here before the end of 2021.

As the focus turns towards next year’s rumors, the question becomes what’s next? Thanks to we now have another set to the growing list of what to expect for the subtheme in 2022.

75329 Death Star Trash Compactor

The Death Star’s garbage compactor is another display model that is specifically aimed at adults. The familiar scenery from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is built on a black, 20 studs wide base. The walls are brown and gray like in the movie, and there are lots of gray parts as trash. The set includes Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Luke and Han in Stormtrooper armor. At the base there is a black 2 × 4 tile with the imprint “LEGO Star Wars” and a 2 × 6 tile with the quote from Han Solo “One thing’s for sure. We’re all gonna be a lot thinner.” The set consists of 666 parts and will be available from May for 59.99 euros. via Google translate

75330 Training on Dagobah

With this set we will also receive an even larger diorama in May. Luke Skywalker’s Jedi training at Yoda on Dagobah is recreated on a black base of around 50 × 20 studs. Yoda’s hut takes up about two thirds of the model. This is made of sand-colored stones and for the first time, true to the original, embraced by a large tree root. There are some gray storage boxes in front of the hut. The other area of the diorama shows the swamp, which is mostly built from 1 × 1 tiles in trans-green.

In addition, the upper right wing of Luke’s X-Wing looks angled out of the swamp. The set consists of 1002 parts and will cost 79.99 euros. Yoda, Luke and R2-D2 are included as minifigures. At the base there is a black 2 × 4 tile with the imprint “LEGO Star Wars” and a 2 × 6 tile with the well-known quote from Yoda “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” via Google translate

Both sets are expected to hit shelves in May and will join the Luke Skywalker and The Mandalorian helmets as the next members of the Adult Collector/18+ subtheme.

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