Recording A Failure: When Wrong Is Right

While ownership of 75192 Millennium Falcon – which was the Guinness World Record holder for the largest commercially available LEGO set until the arrival of 31203 World Map – is considered by most LEGO Star Wars collectors as a challenge in itself, there are a small number of fans who see this 7541 piece set as a gateway to an even bigger test of their fandom – the speed build.

The focus of several team attempts over the years, the solo-build for Han Solo’s own smuggling starship has never been awarded by Guinness World Records – and that’s not about to change any time soon, though one builder’s recent attempt has been given an honorable mention.

Paul Ufema, the host of All New Bricks, official LEGO Ambassador and holder of the Guinness World Record for the fastest solo build of 10276 Collesseum, attempted to be the first person to clinch this record ended in failure when – after a staggering 16 hours, 10 minutes and 29 seconds – he completed the build and realized that one of the leftover pieces wasn’t actually an extra element.

As most fans know, the extra pieces are there due to the machines packing the bags by weight. The small pieces weigh so little that they add an extra just to be safe (and have nothing to do with small pieces being easy to misplace).

After going back over the instructions and rechecking the set’s inventory, Paul discovered that the 3 x 2 right-hand wedge plate was actually part of the build. Knowing that Guinness’s rules state that the set has to be completely assembled with every necessary piece properly attached, Paul decided that honesty was the best policy and owned up to this simple mistake when he sent in his final submission.

I left a 3×2 wedge plate off and didn’t attach it to the set

Unfortunately, the judges disqualified Paul’s attempt. While he took the decision stoically his supporters were more than happy to share their opinion of his honesty, but Paul knew that at the back of his mind he’d know he hadn’t won it fairly.

Guinness World Records has recognized his honesty with the above feature video, and Paul says he will make another at the 75192 Millennium Falcon speed build attempt next year.

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