The Rumor Mill Churns Again: 2023 LEGO Star Wars Sets

We first covered the 2023 rumor list a couple of months ago. However, thanks to PROMOBRICKS we now have some additional details about some of the previously unknown sets.

The two unknown The Mandalorian season 3 sets have now been given names, and the BrickHeadz set has been revealed to be a multipack which will include Jedi Luke, Leia in Endor attire, Lando, R2-D2, and an Ewok.

Additionally another new set has been announced! It appears that the BrickHeadz subtheme is alive and well after all.

The remainder of the rumored sets are listed below. We’ve included the prices for each set as far as we know at this point.

That still leaves five sets unaccounted for including the UCS and May 4th promo sets which will most likely be the last two to be revealed.

As always this list is only a rumor, but previous years have shown that the information is pretty reliable. In coming months more details about the unknown sets are likely to be revealed, and we should start seeing images pop up before the end of the year.

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