The LEGO Star Wars Rumors Continue

News of what is expected for 2023 has been trickling out for the past couple of months. Following both details on some new sets and an unexpected reveal of the Princess Leia Boushh helmet, more information has emerged.

75358 is a 4+ set based on the Young Jedi Adventures cartoon. It is expected to have 124 pieces and retail for $39.99.

75359 will likely be a huge hit with Prequel Trilogy fans. Depending on the included minifigures, this $24.99 Republic Swamp Speeder may be the next army builder set. The piece count is low at only 108 elements so several Clones and a couple of Battle Droids will likely be included.

75362 and 75364 are September releases coming from the Ahsoka Disney+ series. 75362 will be 599 pieces and cost $69.99 while 75364 will be 1056 pieces and cost $99.99. We will likely not have more details on these for several months.

75363 is the next addition to the microfighter subtheme – Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter. It will be 88 pieces and comes with both Mando and Grogu. For the two minifigs, you’ll pay at bit more at $14.99. This seemed like an obvious next choice for the subtheme.

75365 Yavin IV Rebel Base is a play set rumored for an August release. Early details suggest a Y-wing microfighter, a watchtower, and 12+ minifigures! Piece count is 1067, and the price is expected to be $159.99. For this to be true expect that some minifigs will be repeated.

75366 will be this year’s Advent Calendar which is expected to have 320 pieces.

75367 will be a direct-to-consumer set expected for the UCS subtheme. Priced at $649.99 it will come with 5374 pieces.

75368 (139 pcs), 75369 (155 pcs), and 75370 (138 pcs) are rumored to be Stromtrooper, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett mechs respectively similar to what has been released for Marvel. Price is $14.99 and should come with one minifigure. These are expected this summer.

75371 is a buildable Chewbacca. Expected for a September release, the set is rumored to be 2320 pieces with a $199.99 price tag. This would be the first non-droid sculpture set if this turns out to be true.

As always take these rumors with a grain of salt. Which of these are you most looking forward to? The Swamp Speeder and Yavin IV sound the most interesting, but Chewbacca could be exciting if it is well done.

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